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get your dadacoins here:

inventory count 10/19/21/7:38 = 10 dadacoin seals

How to dig a dadacoin
Before each dadacoin is offered for sale, the digging artist provides two information-related contributions: First,  a Dada-sentence in the form of a poem, a joke, an aphorism, a manifest, or any other written statement to be featured in the dadabible. Second,…
participating artists
Check out this glorious group of generous participating artists as the list of awesomeness goes on and on and on... * BECKER SCHMITZ * FRANK BRECHTER * IL-JIN ATEM CHOI * ERIC D. CLARK * LENNART CONSTANT * THOMAS ERDELMEIER * CHRISTOPH ESSER…
The first ever dadacoin digging drop
dadacoin digging drop The long wait is finally over! Over here are five fresh fine artists, who are part of the first ever dadacoin digging drop. Check out the five fresh fine artists:  Christoph Esser Sebastian Jung Kalin Lindena Nikolas…
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