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“Digitaler Dadaismus – Season 1/Episode 2” at TOR Artspace

Under the nomenclature “Digitaler Dadaismus – Season 1/Episode 2” Il-Jin Atem Choi presents and curates a potentially infinite group exhibition with a total of 14 artistic positions in this iteration. Paintings, drawings, sculptures, collages, multimedia installations, and videos that deal with a decentralized art world as well as the newly developed crypto token dadacoin are presented in this context.

With the exhibition “Digital Dadaism” and the introduction of the dadacoin, the utopia of a decentralized art world that is more transparent for all artists is to be heralded and advanced. Acting as a prototypical artistic application (artwork and reality) in the spirit of the historic Dada movement, the dadacoin was brought to life by the artists and co-founders Il-Jin Atem Choi and René Schohe in 2020. The crypto token dadacoin is intended to be able to fill the void that manifests itself between the art market and the actual work of art.

In this context, important works of the participating artists will be shown, interpreting digital Dadaism in different ways and entering into a free-floating exchange with each other.






Lennart Constant








Christa Näher




Il-Jin Atem Choi


Wolfgang Günzel

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