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  • Proof-of-dadacommunity: the easy way to buy art in the future!

    dadacoin seals can be used to buy this awesome masterpiece by artist and co-founder Il-Jin Atem Choi This offering serves as the first Proof-of-dadacommunity example, due to the fact that it would involve the exchange of an artwork for dadacoin seals (and subsequently dadacoin token) in a peer-to-peer transaction on the dadacoin online platform. In contrast to the Proof-of-dada mechanism, in which the dadacoin technologies GmbH serves in the role of an art collection, the Proof-of-dadacommunity is a snapshot into the future with tons and tons of proficient contemporary fine artists introducing their precious analog or digital artworks to the digital or analog audience. If you are interested in acquiring the artwork, please contact the artist directly via message here Read more about Proof-of-dada here Read more about dadacoin’s unique advantages here Read more about dadacoin digging drops here Download our Terms & Conditions here
  • dadacoin seals: The easy way to buy dadacoins!

    dadacoin seals are unique digital artworks that contain voucher numbers for the purchase of one dadacoin. By purchasing the dadacoin seal (and creating a customer account on this site during the process), the owner of the dadacoin seal will be able to transfer the corresponding dadacoin ERC20 token to her own crypto wallet. And even before doing so, the owner of the dadacoin seal will have access to the mythical dadabible by using the aforementioned customer account to log into the delightful world of dadaistic wisdom. Read more about Proof-of-dada here Read more about dadacoin's unique advantages here Read more about dadacoin digging drops here Download our Terms & Conditions here
    144.52 Including 7% Mehrwertsteuer
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