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dadacoin seals: the off-chain solution to own one of the strictly limited 4141 dadacoin tokens.
dadacoin seals can be exchanged for real-world artworks provided by our exquisite community of fine artists.

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  • dadacoin seals: The easy way to buy dadacoin token!

    A dadacoin seal is a unique digital artwork that contains a voucher number for the purchase of one dadacoin token. By purchasing the dadacoin seal (and creating a customer account on this site during the process), you, the owner of the dadacoin seal, will be able to transfer the corresponding dadacoin ERC20 token to your own crypto wallet and you will have access to the mythical dadabible by using the aforementioned customer account to log into the delightful world of dadaistic wisdom. You can already enter your ETHEREUM ADDRESS in your account. We are currently working on the specific process for the token transfer and the possibility of a proof-of-dadacommunity (podc = artworks for dadacoins) transaction.
    285.89 Including 7% Mehrwertsteuer
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