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Real fine art backing the blockchain and vice versa

what is proof-of-dada?

It is our vision to create a crypto token as a hybrid between the realm of art and the real world. And it is all happening on the more than robust Ethereum blockchain: exquisitely curated batches of awesome artistic contributions float gently around the digital network framed by the iterative and never ending group exhibition Digital Dadaism.

Since the founding of dadacoin technologies, a number of artworks have already been exchanged for dadacoins. This process is called “Proof-of-dada” and is intended among other things to fuel the build-up of the “dadacoin art collection“. 
The collection will be a documentation, an archive, and a representation of the dadacoin in the form of real world artworks. 

Artists authorized via the dadacoin relevance index may request as many Proof-of-dada processes as they wish in order to make an even more high-profile contribution to the dadacoin art collection or any other collection for that matter. Collectors and people interested in art can thus discover artworks from the artists’ repositories themselves and get in direct contact with each other.

The following awesome artists took already part in the Proof-of-dada process and are hopefully as happy about it as we are. 



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