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Why dadacoin is awesome for artists

They shall enjoy the following advantages:

  1.   be more independent of third-parties and intermediaries
  2.   earn a dadacoin digging reward
  3.   secure sales and transactions with blockchain technology  

Why dadacoin is fantastic for art collectors, art world enthusiasts, and investors

They shall enjoy the following advantages:

  1.   direct access to highest-quality art with fair prices
  2.   support your favorite artists
  3.   inscribe yourself into our dadacoin blockchain-of-fame


You can be among the first owners of the hitherto
rarest fungible token in the digital realm
as there can only exist a total of
4141 hard-capped dadacoins.



The dadacoin relevance index and the dadacoinpro account will also be released soon. Check out our newest news from time to time. Thank you. 

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